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BLINGR Sports app (iOS version) has been distributed to 33 countries including Japan.NEW
The corporate website has been renewed.
The BLINGR Sports site has been moved to https://www.blingrsports.com/.
BLINGR Sports app (iOS version) has been released.


GearUp Tennis app

GearUp Tennis is an iOS app that enables simultaneous shooting of your own viewpoint and the viewpoint of the other party, and practices self-training by playing back two videos at the same time. You can observe not only the video from your own viewpoint but also the video from the other party's viewpoint at the same time, so it will be fun to analyze and study the game and form by yourself.

GearUp Tennis site is here!(in Japanese)

BLINGR Sports app

BLINGR Sports is an iOS app that allows you to superimpose a model video and your own live video to practice self-training while moving. In addition, you can easily synchronize two different videos, so if you play two videos on one screen at the same time, the commonalities and differences will become clearer.

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BLINGR Sports site is here!

Training Equipment

Coming soon!

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