Disopa is a company founded in 2012 as an ad tech startup.

After the sale of the ad tech business, we are focusing on communication in the sports field and researching and developing the best tools for improving sports skills and online lessons.

Our mission is to create a new sports environment from communication technology.

Disopa, Inc.

BLINGR Online(free) 

Challenge new online lesson by superimposing live videos of instructor and student on the screen of video chat!

What's New 

news and information(JST)

BLINGR Online app (iOS version) has been released in Japan and other regions.
The corporate website has been renewed.
Regarding the BLINGR Sports app (iOS version), Japan has updated and the English version has been released for the first time.
The corporate website has been renewed.
The BLINGR Sports site has been moved to https://www.blingrsports.com/.
BLINGR Sports app (iOS version) has been released.

GearUp Tennis(free) 

Let's improve the objectivity of your own play by simultaneously shooting and synchronizing the play from your own viewpoint and the opponent's viewpoint!As a result, the objective viewpoint of play will push your game analysis and research concretely.
The GearUp tennis App is only available in Japan.


Smartphone apps, support projects, etc.

GearUp tennis  

iOS app 

Immediately after shooting the play from your own viewpoint and the other's viewpoint at the same time, you can observe the video from your own viewpoint and the video from the other's viewpoint at the same time.


IOS app

Since you can superimpose your own live video or your own video on the model video and play it in synchronization, the similarities and differences between the model and your own movement become clearer.


iOS app

This app uses transparency technology to superimpose the physical movements of the instructor and the student, making it a new teaching tool for students to trace the instructor's physical movements.

Studio meilies

Japanese calligraphy art

We support the business related to Japanese calligraphy art and animal character-themed goods by contracting with Studio Meilies. We will operate the related sites and sell the items.
Studio Meilies site is here!

BLINGR Sports(free) 

Let's get the knack of operation by superimposing your own live video on the playback video of the model player!
As an example, the US version of iOS app can be downloaded with the following App Store badge drom App Store.

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About us 

Company info

Company Name Disopa, Inc.
Company Address 201 Plaza Excel 1-2-6 Nakaizumi, Komae-city, Tokyo 201-0012, Japan
Industrial Classification Information & Communication

Studio Meilies 

Art Calligraphy Exhibition "Modern Sumism"